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Event Name:
Monroeville PA MIDP

Cost:  IALEFI Members $450.00
Non Members $505.00 (includes 1 year membership upon completion of the membership application.)

The IALEFI Master Instructor Development Program (MIDP) was designed to provide continuing education to individuals certified as firearms instructors.
Day one is an eight hour course focused on the duty handgun.  Students will review pistol fundamentals with focus on communication skills and transferring their knowledge to others.  Students are encouraged to bring questions and concerns to class about training challenges they have encountered.  This is an interactive class – students should be prepared to analyze their instruction styles and attend with open minds to enhancing their respective skill sets. 

Day two focuses on the combination of handgun and patrol rifle skills. This class will push students out of their “comfort zones” and encourage them to think about their approach to shooting in a different way.  Instructors must always be able to operate “outside the box,” reframing their views and explanations to best provide students with the benefit of their experience.  Experienced international instructor Paolo Grandis emphasizes a holistic approach to instruction with concentration on harmonizing the psychological and physiological aspects of shooting.

The final day of the course will be a detailed look at the duty shotgun weapon system and current trends in ammunition development for the shotgun. It will provide ideas for improving shooter operation of the weapon system. It will look at the continuing role the shotgun plays in the close quarter confrontations. At the end of the course students will receive a diagram for setting up the course of fire using steel reactionary targets

Throughout the three day program, participants will be shown a number of drills designed to improve the performance of both proficient and problem shooters. The information presented will prove especially useful in creating a positive training experience that will ultimately result in greater officer safety.

Topics covered:
* range safety
* review of shooting fundamentals/positions
* operational skills
* basic tactics such as movement, use of cover, light management, etc.
* shooter remediation
* adult learning concepts
* coaching strategies
* course design

Course Requirements:
1) Pistol and holster, 500 rounds 
2) Semi-auto rifle with a sling, 250 rounds and 3 magazines  
3) Shotgun, pistol, 120 rounds (at least 20 rounds buckshot, 10 rounds slugs, bird shot okay for the rest).
4) A Black Marker, wrap around eye protection, ear protection and brimmed hat
5) Hydration fluids and snacks

Event Date:
8/5/2020 - 5/7/2020

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8/5/2020 - 5/7/2020