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Range masters and firearms instructors today must be proficient in a broad spectrum of subjects some of which are training, administration, and liability.  They must have a comprehensive understanding of the responsibility they undertake when accepting this position.  Programs that they design and implement train their officers to survive deadly threat encounters and could ultimately result in the taking another person’s life.  In order to understand such great liability, range masters and firearms instructors must constantly prepare and accurately document for the possibility of judicial review. 
In addition to standard state qualification courses, firearms training must incorporate beneficial exercises and employ current adult learning strategies.  Training teams must present in a consistent and purposeful manner and courses must be based on realistic events.  Being a firearms instructor who teaches only from stale and outdated material is not enough today.  Today’s Complete Range Master must oversee and guide the instructors under them so to ensure they are properly presenting quality and useful material.   
This three-day course is the journey to become the Complete Range Master.  With an emphasis on developing immediately useable skills, the course incorporates lesson plan development through live-fire student-designed and graded practical exercises.  It is designed for both novice and veteran firearms instructors who wish to enter a more advanced phase of their careers and duties.

Cost: Member $495.00
         Non-Member $550.00

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8:00am to 4:00pmWilliam Leanos

Master Instructor Development Program
Re-Scheduled - TBA

Cost:  IALEFI Members $375.00

Non Members $430.00 (includes 1 year membership upon completion of the membership application.)

The IALEFI Master Instructor Development Program (MIDP) was designed to provide continuing education to individuals certified as firearms instructors. Foundation courses of the MIDP include instructor level training on the three most commonly utilized law enforcement weapon systems - handgun, rifle and shotgun.


Different proven methodologies will be used to enhance the teaching skills of the police firearms instructor. Hands-on skills will progress from the basics to the more complex and all participants regardless of skill level will find themselves challenged. Practical exercise will put an emphasis on both practical marksmanship and operational skills.


Throughout the 3 day program, participants will be shown a number of drills designed to improve the performance of both proficient and problem shooters. The information presented will prove especially useful in creating a positive training experience that will ultimately result in greater officer safety.

Topics covered:

* range safety

* review of shooting fundamentals/positions

* operational skills

* basic tactics such as movement, use of cover, light management, etc.

* shooter remediation

* adult learning concepts

* coaching strategies

* course design

Course Requirements:

1) Pistol and holster, 400 rounds, and 10 dummy rounds  

2) Semi-auto rifle with a sling, 300 rounds and 3 magazines  

3) Shotgun, pistol, 120 rounds (at least 20 rounds buckshot, 10 rounds slugs, bird shot okay for the rest).

4) A Black Marker, wrap around eye protection, ear protection and brimmed hat

5) Hydration fluids and snacks




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Coming Soon...Jerry Zacharias

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