Event Registration - IALEFI
Master Instructor Development Program
9/25/18 - 9/27/18
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor (IALEFI) “Master Instructor Development Program” is not designed as a “shooting school”, but rather an experience to make you a better instructor in imparting critical survival skills and improving student performance. It is specifically designed for individuals already certified as firearms instructors to continue their education and attend quality training at minimum cost. Focus will be on the enhancement of teaching skills on the three primary law enforcement weapon systems: -Handgun -Shotgun –Rifle.
Instruction will be provided on each system by individuals who are recognized subject matter experts in their respective disciplines. Scheduled additional blocks of training on:
            - Concealed Carry/Back-Up Gun
            - Rogers Shooting System   
            - Live Fire from an extensive weapon library (rifles, pistols, shotguns, full-auto, suppressed, etc)
Students will be exposed to a number of skill building and evaluation drills. Live fire exercises will be both demanding and challenging and attendees should be in good physical condition. Our goal is to provide a quality service so that we may better prepare our law enforcement officers who go in harm’s way.
Classes run from 8am-5pm. Wednesday night, Sept 26, will include a dinner cookout at no cost.

Rifle - 350 rounds, Handgun - 450 rounds, back-up or off duty gun - 100 rounds, Shotgun - 75 rounds (at least 10 slugs), Ear and Eye Protection, Hat, Sunscreen recommended, NO SHORTS.

September 25 - 27, 2018
Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Training Center
516 Chattin Rd.
Canton, GA 30114
Range for this session is behind the Roger Garrison Training Center Building past the rappel tower.

Brian Marshall - Marietta Police GA
Greg Bettis - Holly Springs Police GA

Holly Springs Police Dept.
Range: Cherokee Co SO, Roger Garrison LE Training Center
516 Chattin Drive
Canton, Georgia 30115

Country Inn & Suites
705 Transit Ave.
Canton, GA 30114

Hampton Inn
710 Transit Avenue
Canton, GA 30114

Holiday Inn Express
713 Transit Avenue
Canton, GA 30114
Use IALEFI Holly Springs Police for reservations

Best Western
705 Transit Avenue
Canton, GA 30114
Use Holly Springs Police for reservations

Hotels are less than 15 minutes from range.

Location: Cherokee County Sheriff's Office, Roger Garrison Training Center, 516 Chattin Drive, Range for this session is behind the Rog, Canton, GA 30115

The attendee limit has been reached for this event.